VIU High School Graduates

What Parents Say...

David O'Dell (Ministry inspector)

“The External Evaluation Committee (EEC) commends the school for the quality and singular commitment of its teaching staff and the way in which it utilizes all the resources of its community to provide a quality educational experience for its students. The high level of teacher knowledge and expertise was evident through classroom observations and examination of teacher records and resources. The EEC commends the school for the breadth of activities offered to the students in order to enrich the educational experience and fulfill the school's philosophy.”

Dorina Medland and Larry Dudeck

“The school is a respectful and safe place for all pupils…The international students have brought more awareness and appreciation of different cultures to our son as well. We would recommend it (school) to any parent who is looking for a safe, sound and positive educational experience for their son or daughter.”

Luke MacLeod’s parent

“The school has exceeded my expectations…He comes home full of excitement for his courses, his teachers and fellow students. It is great to see him enjoying, learning and accomplishing goals he has set for himself.”

Tom Porteous about his son Ryan

“Ryan has come away from his Grade 12 year very much a changed man. He has developed the ability to reason and present his thoughts in a logical and passionate manner (sometimes too passionate for me!) He sees his time spent at your school as a turning point in his life. The opportunity to experience education at VIUHS truly opened his eyes to the world around him. He is confident, well-spoken and has earned several promotions at work.”

Rebeca Cortes about her son Baruch

“As a parent it is always gratifying to hear compliments to our kids. We know our kids are wonderful, but it is great when we know that other people give them the chance to show their full potential, and for that I sincerely thank you, you´ve made this year, a real transition from home to the world, safer for Baruch, and he´s learned a lot.”