Student Testimonials


High School

My name is Arisu Kobayashi from Japan. I came to summer camp in 2013 and I decided to study in Canada in April 2014. I started my high school year in 2014, and I am graduating from THS in 2017.

I really enjoyed spending my high school life at the THS. I studied in the ESL program for about a year, and I think it helped me understand English more. I loved getting to know people from different countries, different languages and cultures. I also loved being in a small school because I... more


High School

This high school is a good place to study and improve yourself. My classmates are kind and generous; they help me with everything and we have created lots of good memories. It’s a great environment, and an opportunity to apply for universities in Canada. And my advice for other students: just come to study and relax!


High School

Hello, my name is Claire Cook and I am from Nanaimo, BC. I started attending The High School at VIU  as a grade 10 student in September 2014 and will be graduating in June 2018.

My time here at THS has been an amazing experience and I wouldn't have changed it for anything. Throughout my three years here I've been able to do things such as go to Italy and meet people from across the globe.

The friendships that I have built here are unlike any other. I could go to China, Japan or... more


High School

I am currently in the English 047 program at Vancouver Island University (Nanaimo Campus).

I am upgrading my English so I can go into the  Early Childhood and Education program.

The best part of my experience at The High School at VIU was meeting new people. And the smaller class sizes was a great thing for me. And I liked all of my teachers that I had, they were very helpful and welcoming.

My advice for new students? Just be yourself, and enjoy your high school years.... more


Bogota, Colombia
High School

[Spanish] Paola was a study abroad student from Liceo de Colombia Bilingüe.


Nanaimo, Canada
High School

My name is Jordan and I have completed my first year at the International High School at Vancouver Island University. I have always dreamed of attending this school due to its cultural diversity. From the time I was young, culture and people have fascinated me, so the High School at VIU was the perfect opportunity. So far, my favorite part of the high school has been getting to interact with people from different cultures and learn what each culture is like from their perspective.... more

Tim Lindemann


High School

I am attending the High School at VIU for the first semester of grade 10 (Sep 2017- Jan 2018). A friend from Germany went here and was convinced about the school and the island in general. 

My experiences at this school are just unforgettable and I am enjoying my time here. But what is so special about this school? It is just the people and the connection with teachers and students. I have met people from all over the... more


High School

Hello, this is René Douvon from Togo (Lome). I attended the High School at VIU from September 2014 to June 2016. I'm currently in the Bachelor of Business Administration program at Vancouver Island University.

I had a lot of great experiences at THS. It was a second family for me. The teachers were so helpful during my time there and I had the chance to build amazing friendships with other international students.

To students joining THS, it is going to be a special journey of... more


Cairo, Egypt
High School

I wanted to start fresh and expand my experiences with people from different backgrounds, as well as study in one of the most beautiful provinces in Canada. Having a small community of students really helped me get out of my comfort zone and be more open. All in all, having a more personal connection with students and teachers was more than I could ask for. My advice for other students is: People will be a lot more accepting of who you are, so just be yourself.


High School

My name is Hang Nga Nguyen, a student from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. I arrived in Canada and started at THS from September 2013. I graduated in the summer of 2015.

I am currently an International Business student at Dawson College in Montreal, Quebec. My time at THS is the best part of my life, and I am proud to tell people about the school. Being small, it made me and my schoolmates interact more easily with each other and with the teachers. This certainly helped my learning process... more


Bogota, Colombia
High School

[Spanish] Kevin was a study abroad student from Liceo de Colombia Bilingüe.


High School

Hi. I’m Lucas from Rio de Janeiro. I joined The High School at VIU 3 years ago in grade 10. I graduated in June 2018, and I was co-valedictorian at my graduation ceremony.

I am a different person today from who I was when I moved to Nanaimo in 2015. I have very happy memories of my friends and my teachers at THS. And I met a young lady that changed my life.

In September 2018, I will start the Bachelor of Science at Vancouver Island University majoring in Biology, and after that... more


United Arab Emirates
High School

My name is Dweeja Mehta. This is my third and final year at THS at VIU. I am from Dubai, UAE, and my experience at THS has been one I’ll always be thankful for.

The academic experience for me has been so rich, and the things that I have learned here, I know I wouldn’t have learned anywhere else. The teachers here are so helpful and welcoming, and that is something I think, only comes with a school this size. They reach out to you in a way that feels like home.

I learned a lot... more


Bogota, Colombia
High School

[Spanish] Sofia was a study abroad student from Liceo de Colombia Bilingüe.... more


High School

I would recommend this high school to other students because they will get to learn good traits and methods of learning. The school has a good setting, and it is connected to a university. It has kind staff members, understanding teachers and good facilities. And I love Ms Jennifer (Office Manager). She was the first staff member to really listen and talk to me. I think she is an amazing person.


High School

I am a Canadian student from right here in Nanaimo. I have attended The High School at Vancouver Island University since September 2014, and will be graduating June of 2017. I received my conditional acceptance letter to VIU in December 2015 to attend the Bachelor of Business Administration program in September 2017.

The teachers at this school are absolutely amazing. They truly care about your learning outcomes and helping you achieve your personal and academic objectives. More... more

Xingyu Li

High School

I'm from Henan (Province), Zheng Zhou (City), China. I studied at The High School (THS) at VIU from 2012-2015 and am now studying Real Estate at University of British Columbia, Sauder School.

The best part of my experience at THS was always having the opportunity to ask questions because of the small class size. And the school organized outdoor activities.

My advice to a new student would be to study hard and be humble. Ha ha!


Nanaimo, British Columbia, Canada
High School

I was born in Nanaimo but I lived in Hong Kong till I was 7. The best part of my experience at this high school has been making friends from all over the world and getting to see their point of view on life. Also, being on the university campus is great because we get to use the facilities on campus.

This high school is like a family. Everyone is so supportive and welcoming. And learning in a small school environment is very nice.

Niklas Franz

Summer Camp

I love Canada. I have done a lot of funny and exciting things like bungee jumping and whale watching.