First Peoples Scholarship

$2,500 scholarship offered to a First Nations student who:

  • Has a minimum C+ average (minimum C in the most recent English course)
  • Submits a letter, with their application, outlining their community involvement and personal commitment to awareness and understanding of their own culture
  • The scholarship will be applied each year in attendance at THS if C+ average is maintained

Sibling/child discount

  • Siblings or children of current full time VIU students will receive a discount of $1,500 per year for The High School tuition
  • For siblings attending The High School at VIU: 1st student's tuition at full rate, 2nd and subsequent siblings receive a $1,500 discount per year.
  • The High School sibling discount will continue as long as the older sibling is either enrolled full time at The High School or Vancouver Island University.

Two Generations of Learning Scholarship

Recognizing the great support and facilities that the VIU campus provides to students at The High School at Vancouver Island University, The High School is offering a $2,000 scholarship for children entering Grade 10, 11, or 12 whose parents are VIU employees. This scholarship creates a unique learning and working opportunity for 2 generations on the same campus!

Apple Financial Bursary

Bursaries will be awarded to students based on financial need. All new and returning students who wish to apply must complete and submit the application form available via the Apple Financial Services website.

The High School at Vancouver Island University International Excellence Award

  • Number: Minimum 2 each year
  • Amount: $1,000 each
  • Criteria: Awarded to international student graduates of The High School at Vancouver Island University recognizing outstanding achievement in their final academic year of studies. No application necessary, awarded as a tuition credit at Vancouver Island University. 

Sibling discount

  • Students new to The High School at VIU who have a sibling concurrently attending THS or VIU will receive a CAD$3,000 reduction for the period that both siblings are in THS and VIU.
  • Two siblings at THS will generate a discount for one, not both.

Parent-child discount

  • Students enrolled at The High School at VIU who have a parent concurrently enrolled in a full-time program at Vancouver Island University will receive an annual CAD$3,000 tuition reduction for the period that the parent is in attendance at VIU.
  • As long as the parent is in Nanaimo on a full-time basis, the high school principal will not be the legal custodian for the high school student, and the student will not be required to live in VIU homestay.