International University Foundation with ESL

Length1.5 to 2 years, depending on English proficiency

Location Offered: Nanaimo Campus 

Are you completing your O-levels or IGCSEs this year? You can join the International University Foundation with ESL at Vancouver Island University, and upon successful completion, continue to first year university studies at Vancouver Island University. 

The International University Foundation with ESL is a full-time program requiring a minimum commitment of 25 hours per week. Based on your English level, you will complete university transition courses while being immersed in a university campus environment.

Upon successful completion, you are guaranteed acceptance to Vancouver Island University's degree programs and can also continue to other post-secondary institutions in Canada.

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Prior to September 2020, the International University Foundation Year (with ESL) was called the Adult International High School diploma.

  • IELTS of 4.0 overall, or equivalent. 
  • For students aged 17 years or older by December 31 following a September enrollment.
  • Passport photo page.
  • Statement of intent clearly identifying the post-secondary program you intend to pursue.
  • Note: An IELTS of 5.5 is required to complete this program in 1 academic year (8 months). Add an extra semester of study for each level of IELTS below 5.5.

The average student will obtain the following:

  • Required university transition courses (to satisfy university pre-requisites)
  • VIU English entrance requirement met which allows direct entry to a variety of VIU degree, diploma and certificate programs (as long as academic pre-requisites met)
  • Skills for academic success
  • Adult BC Dogwood High School diploma

Open the True North application.

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Students in this program are welcome to explore the following options:

This program starts in September, and follows the university's academic calendar. Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis.

The semester structure for the September intake will be:
September to December, and January to April.

Semester 1 (Sept-Dec)

 Semester 2 (Jan-Apr)

  1. University Preparation 4

  2. BC First People’s Studies

  3. Mathematics 11 or 12

1. University Preparation 5

2. English 12

3. University Success skills

If your IELTS score is lower than 5.5, add an extra semester of study for each level of IELTS below 5.5.

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See Tuition Fees.

Additional fees apply for accommodation, food, and personal expenses.

A Conditional Letter of Acceptance and invoice will be sent advising the total amount of tuition payable, and how and when to pay.

Once tuition fees are paid, we will send an Official Letter of Acceptance as well as further information about the program and living in Nanaimo.