Applying to THS

Length: 1-3 years depending on age and English ability

Location Offered: Nanaimo Campus 

Intake: September 

For students aged 15-18 years who wish to graduate high school with a Canadian diploma and study in English at a university level. 

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English Language Requirements

International students applying to The High School will be required to meet the following English Language Requirements:


Minimum Score



IELTS (Academic)

5.0 (no band below 4.5)




  • Students who do not have a TOEFL or IELTS score may register for a free online English assessment test (Versant). Students can register for this test by sending a request to highschool@viu.ca 

  • Students will also be assessed upon arrival at THS. Large discrepancies in scores may result in the dismissal of the student from the school

  • Students who do not meet the minimum test scores may be placed on a waitlist for foundations English Language Learning (ELL). Please contact highschool@viu.ca for more details.


Anticipated English Language Requirements for IB Diploma Courses

International students intending to take IB courses at The High School will be required to meet the following English Language Requirements:


Minimum Score




6.0 (no score below 5.5)




If you do not upload these documents into the online application system, you cannot complete the application process. If you do not submit a complete application within ten (10) days, the partial application will be automatically deleted. If you require more time to complete the application please, email HighSchool@viu.ca and we would be happy to extend access for another 10 days.  

  • 15-18 years old

  • Last 2 years of transcripts/report cards 

  • Canadian students: Birth certificate

  • International students: Scan of passport photo page

  • Signed Student Agreement


All documents must be submitted within 10 days. If you have questions, please contact highschool@viu.ca.

For Students or Parents

  1. Click "Information for Parents" below and then choose Create Account. Fill in the requested Account Details. Click Create Account at the bottom of the page.
  2. Check your email inbox for an email that you will use to validate your new account.
  3. Sign into your account using the email address and password you provided.
  4. Click Create a New Application.
  5. From the drop down menu, select the program you are applying for.
    Fill the remainder of the requested fields to create the application.

For Agents

  1. Sign into the site using the agent login details provided by our Administration office.

    If you have not been issued agent login details, please email HighSchool@viu.ca.

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A Conditional Letter of Acceptance and invoice will be sent advising the total amount of tuition fees payable, and how and when to pay.

Once tuition fees are paid, we will send an Official Letter of Acceptance as well as further information about studying at The High School at Vancouver Island University.


All international students under 19 years of age are required by Canada Immigration to have a legal guardian who is a Canadian citizen and resides in Canada. You may choose to appoint Canada Homestay Network (CHN) if the student is participating in the CHN homestay program. Parents may also choose to appoint a family member as the custodian and provide a notarized custodianship letter. Parents should check with the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in their country of residence for specific guardianship requirements.

Medical Insurance

The Government of British Columbia requires all international students to have medical and accident insurance while studying in British Columbia. The cost will be included on the invoice once the student is accepted.

Obtain Student Authorization

All international students must obtain a Student Permit from the Canadian Embassy or Consulate in the country where the student resides. When in Canada, it is the student's responsibility to keep the Student Authorization updated and current. Student Authorizations must be renewed six weeks before the expiry date and may be renewed in Canada. To attain this document, students must provide the Embassy with:

  1. the Official Letter of Acceptance from The High School at Vancouver Island University stating that the required fees have been paid
  2. a bank statement indicating that the student or parents have sufficient funds to support the student's period of study, and
  3. a notarized Custodianship Letter

The High School at Vancouver Island University will issue a letter as proof of registration for those students who will be continuing their studies at The High School. Immigration authorities have the right to inquire about a student's record of attendance and achievement at school. If attendance or achievement has been poor, a student may be refused renewal of the Student Authorization and may be required to leave Canada.

Note: For a period less than 6 months, students will only need a visitor's visa. International students may attend only the school named on the Authorization.